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1. the best part of sex

2. the reason people have sex.
Sharon Turner could have 10 orgasms, but she's such a dead fuck you'd never notice.
by bread infection November 26, 2009
I fucked Sally last night, and orgasm'd on her face!
by ZUES THE GOD February 28, 2014
Best. Feeling. Ever.
OOOO OOOO HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER! OOOH YEAH! (screams) THAT FEELS SO GOOD! AHHH! I'M ON FIRE!!! AHH! DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING! AAAHHH! GOOD! (Relaxes and calms down). Can you give me another orgasm?
by Bunnies! July 29, 2011
The feeling you get in your pants when you hear Dubstep. This can also turn into multiple orgasms very quickly.
Whats that song?


Sounds alright...


by Rielsy July 29, 2011
The best feeling in the world
I had an orgasm while fucking this chick last night. My life is complete.
by GOOCHMEISTER69 April 04, 2010
What you write by mistake when you actually meant to write the word "organism".
Person 1: Dude guess what? Today in bio, I was writing a test and I accidentally wrote "orgasm" instead of "organism", right when the teacher was about collect the tests.

Person 2: Wow, you have such a dirty mind!!
by Catlover2312 July 28, 2014
1. Climbing to the top of the mountain when two individuals are fucking each others brains out
2. The act of reaching the peak of the greatest feeling in the world making it even better
3. The feeling easily found by men and faked by women.
1. Climb HARDER TOM, I think i just had an orgasm
2. WOOOOOOOOOOOO YA ORGASM YA BEST FEELING EVER to bad it was with my hand.....
3. Guy 1: Dude I had an orgasm but it was quick

Guy 2: Well did she have one?

Guy 1: She continued to scream 10 minutes after i stopped i think she was faking FUCK.