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The highest point of pleasure while having sex.

Something along those lines
by Patrick April 04, 2005
An orgasm is proof that there is a God.
"Oh God, yes, mmm, harder, faster, yes!"
This, is proof that "God" exists, because, obviously she just had the best orgasm ever, and felt a need to tell God. :p Yeah, I don't know either.
by Keithypoo May 28, 2006
When a woman reaches their 'climax'. It is the most desirable feeling EVER. Its like an explosion inside the body that feels so good.
I was having sex with my boyfriend the other day, and oh my god, i had the best and longest orgasm ever!
by Brittany Young July 03, 2006
n. a stunning moment of clarity.
At the moment which one experiences it, it cannot be said that one forgets, for forgetting, though a truly passive action, is too active for our situation. At the said moment or moments in time which one experiences an orgasm, there is no thought at all whatsoever. In this state of no thought, one acknowledges existence, yet is unable to think. One exists, but barely so. That is an orgasm.
by anonymous^X July 20, 2006
The intense climax of sexual energy after a good round of sex or masturbation. It's as if your life flashes before your very eyes as you stare blankly into the walls or ceiling while the violent tingling/jerking sensation coarses through your body. You may let out a low, soft moan or a good, loud yell during an orgasm. Strength of the orgasm varies on mood and stamina of the sex parters. The better the mood and the greater the energy, the stronger the orgasm is. Best damn feeling in the world, until you realize you forgot to pull out at the last second.
I yelled out my girl's name between the moans as I collapsed on her with the orgasm completely taking over my body.
by TheSpectacularOne May 10, 2009
The reason why every man lives. The best feeling EVER.
mmmmm..... oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, oh god, YEAH! YES! YYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
by The master of the orgasm December 28, 2004
when one sexually charged person likes another sexually charged person they will usually take part in the amazing circus act we call sex; often involivng many strange postions involving legs in the air and loud noises. when enough friction has been created one (or both) achieve 'orgasm'; this is where shuttering and full body shivers along with an amazing feeling of ecstasy and then one or two, or sometimes none of the parties involved expel a fluid. in other words, orgasm is what we are bred for.
"I faked my orgasms every. single. time. I even curled my toes and everything. Then my boyfriend bragged that he was amazing in bed."
"OMG I suck at faking orgasms."
by they were all fake March 25, 2006