1) Used to describe naturally occurring molecules, materials, or processes.

2) Marketing ploy to profiteer from indoctrinated hipsters by selling food at increased prices that was grown and cultivated using lower cost medieval farming methods, such as avoidance of the use of modern pesticides which kill or drive off disease breeding insects, or the use of modern fertilizers or genetic modification to make crops and livestock more resistant to disease and increase yields.

3) A Marxist assault on capitalist food production through the promotion of pseudoscience and urban legends.
Elder Hippie: "This sandwich is so organic."

Rational Person: "So is the mold on the bread and the cockroach legs in the meat."

Yak feces, python venom, the Bubonic Plague, boogers, cancerous tumors, and Fromunder Cheese are all organic.
by Schnorkenschneider February 26, 2014
a word art teachers us a lot even about really random stuff...
what an organic group of natural forms you have chosen to use in your primary resource study!


your coffee cup! how organic!
by ..::=mairi=::.. May 07, 2005
A grocery term for twice as expensive
My wife always buys organic. That's why I have no money.
by Jimgaf March 01, 2014
A natural, additive-free and healthier form of food or other consumable people say they can't afford ONLY to turnaround and buy a big bag of chocolates and other killing foods.
Don't feed your children toxins and artificial ingredients! buy Organic, and you wont be expose them to food dyes, inscect-repellent, and damage.
by psychochemicalwarfare October 01, 2010
1. Raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones, or synthetic chemicals.

2. Something Ryan tells people on Instagram.
1. Instagrammer-"I went to a restaurant that served food made from synthetic materials."

2. Ryan-"That's organic."
by Im_organic January 06, 2014
Going with the flow; being in an unforced mindset where the sensing of the present moment guides your every action.

Keeping shit smooth and natural.
Eric: "Hey Todd, that speech you gave was so great! How long did you rehearse for it?"

Todd: "I didn't rehearse at all, I was just keeping that shit organic."
by Gritty1 October 22, 2010
To be cool, spiffy, gangsta, amazingly awesome.
"Oh my god that guy is so organic!"
"I know right!! He is so cool."

"I love that shirt! It's freakin organic!"
by Licoriceflapjacks November 15, 2009

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