1. Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms.

2. Also means foods produced without artificial chemicals, preservatives, or fertilizers.
People who say their food is "organic" are stupid because all foods are organic regardless chemicals added, unless they just eat rocks or something.
by Chintzmaster August 23, 2004
something having, holding, and showcasing the elements of amazingness; something incredible
kevin: woah, your hair looks so organic today!
lindsay: thanks!
by l in dai sy March 30, 2009
A term often used by Darren Criss to describe his feelings during interviews. Can be used in a variety of situations, though mostly when talking about a subject for which he expresses a deep passion.
"What's your opinion on Klaine"

- "Well it's a very beautiful, organic relationship. It's very real. You know what I mean?"

"You mentioned earlier, your Brother's band, The Freelance Whales. How did they get together?"

- "Oh yes great, you already know that my Brother's in a band?! Yeah so he started it himself with some friends. There's something about it which is very organic"
by onlybecauseofthelayers January 16, 2012
hairy; unshaven, not depilated, bearded, woolly
His stash spread to his chin -- he's gone totally organic!
by anarcissie July 07, 2009
A set of standards for growing food and raising livestock. It does not just mean "grown without artificial chemicals." Depending on where you obtain your food, the label 'organic' can mean one of three things:

1: It has been inspected and certified as being organic by a bunch of tree-hugging hippie nut jobs with no scientific background.

2: It has been inspected and certified as being organic by a profit-making (and therefore probably untrustworthy) corporation, or simply labelled organic by the person or shop selling it.

3: It has been inspected and certified as being organic by a non-profit organisation which bases its standards on the latest scientific thinking, in order to improve human and animal health and welfare, with a view towards long term sustainability in the way we eat. A good example of such a charity is The Soil Association (www.soilassociation.org).
Proper organic farming does not use artificial chemical fertilisers, instead building soil fertility through crop rotations and other SCIENTIFIC techniques, particularly the use of clover that fixes nitrogen naturally from the atmosphere using the Sun’s energy and photosynthesis.

If the government subsidised organic farming as much as it subsidised regular farming, organic fruit and veg would probably be cheaper.
by Sensible Bob August 02, 2008
more expensive
Apples: 50 cents/lb
Organic apples: $5/lb
by Dug Dumass(do-mah-ss) September 05, 2010
A food grown without and pesticides or chemicals in it's presence, basically the biggest sham in the world economy today besides As Seen on TV crap.
Guy 1-"Hey I just went to that new organic market in town."
Guy 2-"How was it?"
Guy 1-"Everything was almost double the price than at the grocery store and everyone there looked stoned."
Guy 2-" Yeah, I just clean the stuff I get from Stop & Shop, it's fine then."
by TheStig1214 July 13, 2010
Food from the tree hugging section of a super market likely to cause diarrhea.
"Ugh I don't feel good. I had some organic food today."
by Drakk0nis November 19, 2008

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