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a term used for the mum at the school gates who thinks she is better than other mums because she feeds her children soya milk and seeds and their children attend every possible school club and the whole weekend consists of ferrying their children to dance,piano,cello lessons,they also look down on other mums who may feed their children just as well and be really bright,nice people because they buy there children sweets or take them to pizza hut every now and then.The organic mums usually stay in groups consisting of only other organic mums.
They check foods at other childrens birthday partys for e-numbers and throw away any sweets found in party bags.
The also make other mums feel stupid for not attending uni or having some sort of formal qualifications.
They do not like cockneys or south-east london mums because they think they are all chavs even though they are normal working class mums.
organic mum"oh hi edward would like to have bobby round for tea one day after school"
South-east born london mum"oh lovely,yeah mate thats fine when was you thinking love"
organic mum"oh actually,i will have to check with my partner for a suitable date" organic mum is thinking >>run away,run away she said love!oh deary me!!!......what a chav....
by PISSEDoff_workingclassMRS.... January 17, 2011
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