A gay guy with a chipped tooth
After noticing the marks on his dick, he knew that guy was an organ grinder
by RobertG January 06, 2006
Top Definition
A woman so stunning one is obligated to rub one out in her name.
That Hayden Panettiere is a real organ grinder.
by The Porsche Monkey July 27, 2009
A perverted man riding a crowded subway train or city bus grinding his dick on unsuspecting travelers using the rhythm of the ride to get his rocks off.
The organ grinder behind me GOT OFF before I did and the rest of my train ride was uneventfull.
by C J Mirasola March 28, 2007
The act of fucking one's partner in the ass after sprinkling sand on your dick.
We were having fun on the beach until it turned into an organ grinder.
by CaptainHook January 30, 2007
A cocksucker with braces
"Hey man, what's with those scars on your dick?"
"I ran into an organ grinder at a bar last week"
by 360guy May 03, 2014
an effeminate and sexually repulsive white male seen publicly with a simian Indian gf. Nearly all organ grinders have an ambiguous eunuch-like appearance which has caused them to continuously fail in social competition for a beautiful or sexy girl... until one day they accept their limitations and an aboriginal East Indian gf.
These guys are commonly very weak-willed and have yet to outgrow the "mama's boy" stage. Thus, their need to be cared for by a female is so strong that they will mate with an anthropoid woman because it means having someone to cling onto.
I wish I had said something about Steve's low self-esteem issues earlier on because that could have prevented him from becoming an organ grinder by settling for Priya.
by Khale November 11, 2012
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