A Black African American person who, because he/she has the desire to make a success of their life, has gained the wrath of foolish Black African Americans who have decided to make a shambles of their own. Often OREO's are educated, intelligent, and the respect of the business community. Thus, in the eyes of the dominant Black African American community, they are "guilty" of being "White" on the inside.
Leroy: Damn, Rastus. That nigga Raymond has hisself a BMW, a fine home and an upper management career with a Fortune 500 company... let's pop a cap in that muthafuckin' oreo and steal his car!

Rastus: Uh... what does Fortune 500 mean?
by fuckup, screwed, fucked, gawd, shit September 06, 2006
A woman, performing oral on one Black man and being vaginally/anally penetrated by another, and so forth.
Man 1: "Hey man, I totally oreo'd a girl last night!"

Man 2: "I know! I was there!"
by SparkyandAxel May 02, 2012
A black person is usually called a Oreo if they say, or wear anything that has to do with so called white culture. Such as wearing Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister. Also talking like they have common sense, which is the way most white people talk. Most black people think that they're a total disgrace to all blacks. I personally don't like being called a oreo, because it's saying that a black person can't shop at any of the stores above, and they can't talk like they have common sense.
Black on the outside....white on the the inside
by Kristen June 23, 2005
Oreo is two blacks having sex with one Caucasian. Like a black-white-black sandwich.
There were two blacks on the subway. If I had gone with them, it would have been oreo time for me.
by Steff 320i July 29, 2014
A sex position in which there is one white man in the middle of two black men. Other variations are the Double Stuf Oreo with two white men in between two black men, the Uh-Oh! Oreo with one black man in between two white men, and the Vanilla Oreo, which is just a threesome with three white men. This can describe gangbang sex or a hump train.
That oreo that I saw last night was amazing. Those two black guys just kept plowing the white guy until they all came.
by theoreoman January 05, 2011
A sexual position involving two black females and one white male in the middle.
Last night me and these two hot black chicks had an oreo(;
by hayycutayy(: April 05, 2010
A threesome consisting of two black guys and a white chick in the middle
Guy 1: Yo dude, I heard that Big Sean and Kanye did an oreo with Ariana Grande
Guy 2: DAMN!
by latinojodido February 29, 2016
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