A Black African American person who, because he/she has the desire to make a success of their life, has gained the wrath of foolish Black African Americans who have decided to make a shambles of their own. Often OREO's are educated, intelligent, and the respect of the business community. Thus, in the eyes of the dominant Black African American community, they are "guilty" of being "White" on the inside.
Leroy: Damn, Rastus. That nigga Raymond has hisself a BMW, a fine home and an upper management career with a Fortune 500 company... let's pop a cap in that muthafuckin' oreo and steal his car!

Rastus: Uh... what does Fortune 500 mean?
#coon #nigga #nigger #honkey #whitey
by fuckup, screwed, fucked, gawd, shit September 06, 2006
A delicious cookie that is extremely dangerous to certain ethnicities.
If an Asian were to eat oreos, he/she would burst into flames.
#oreo #asian #cookie #food #death
by Toskinator September 25, 2005
Milk's Favorite Cookie
Milk: Gimme That Damn OREO!
#milk #favorite #cookie #oreo #yum
by KillER_BoY August 26, 2008
A derogatory term used to describe a black person that resembles a prep whether it be by dress style, accent, or attitude.

You know, cuz oreos are black on the outside and white on the inside?
La'Queena: Dang girl, you seen Ta'Shauda walk by wit her American Falcon or whateva dem white people be callin it clothes?

La'Tisha: Dayum! I thought that was a white girl wit a fucked up tan!

La'Queena: Naw, das jus a real oreo right dere!
#oreo #black #white #preppy #ghetto
by Spontania24 September 19, 2008
round choco biscuit with a creamy inside and a blue wrapper
Nadine:I love oreos
Maria: mmmm Oreo' mmmmmm
Nadine: oooh bring it on
#oreo's #mmmmmm #bring #it #on #i #love
by SoSoBaby September 03, 2008
An oreo is a popular snack which is made up of two chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with some white icing. It is commonly twisted apart and the icing licked off, according to the phrase "First you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it."
I owe my friend an oreo because I ate his in my lunch break.
#oreo #biscuit #twist #lick #dunk
by The Special Scampi August 31, 2008
. A black person who has chosen decency as a way of life instead of becoming a nigger.

. A synonym for "white-washed".

"I get along with oreos just as well as I do with other white people, they are like you and me except black"
#oreo #nigger #white-washed #black #decency
by OreoPower March 18, 2008
buddha, ganja, a PLANT!
Miguel: Aye jesus, i wanna buy some w---
*cuts him off*
Jesus: Aye man! we're on the bus, c.i.a. , the fan in the front, chris got that so the smell can go up! We're tapped! check ya phones!
Mario: ...or he's just using the fans to de-fogg the windows.
Everyone: hahaahh
*looks at marios bag of oreos, in quick need of a nickname for weed*
Miguel: OREOS!
Jesus: aiight, you want some oreos?!?
#oreos #ganja farmer #bob marley #4;20 #plant
by Migggggy September 19, 2008
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