An originally apple computer-based game by MECC, that any current college-age person surely played as a child, as far back as on a green-tinted computer monitor
Sweet... today we get to play Oregon Trail in computer class!
by sloops March 10, 2005
Top Definition
Arguably the most classic of classic computer games. The best version will always be the original DOS release.

It's fun to name everyone in the party after people you don't like, and then just send them off with a bunch of oxen and nothing else, especially not food.
Jack: Damnit! I tried to ford the Snake River and all my fucking oxen and half my party died!
Jill: Well, how deep was the river?
Jack: Something like 36 feet at the center. That's shallow enough to ford, isn't it?
Jill: ...
Jack: Right?
Jill: ::smacks yo silly ass::
To journey over dangerous or rough terrain weighed down by provisions
We live across the street from the supermarket, so instead of driving, my roommate and I usually Oregon Trail our shopping cart full of groceries back to our apartment, dodging rush-hour traffic.
by emrysaki September 28, 2008
The act of snorting Cocaine down a torso, drinking a belly shot, then preforming Oral Sex on a partner with a known STD in one continuous act.
I have Herpes now from walking the Oregon Trail with a stripper.
by Pongluver January 23, 2010
my ex boyfriend's dick
me:do you remember when I first came on the oregon trail?
ex: yeah, we came together
by vateverya September 28, 2011
In bowling, getting three strikes in the tenth frame. The first strike is gathering the supplies, the second strike is forging the river, the final strike gets you over the rocky mountains and completes the oregon trail.
Josh just got an oregon trail. He needed it to break 200
by bowlermaniac June 21, 2011
When ur fuckin a girl doggy style & u bust a monster load on the small of her back & when she stands up the jizz runs down her ass crack
My girl wouldnt let me jizz in her mouth so i gave her an oregon trail instead
by Bb&cv July 08, 2010
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