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when one magical creature ( witch, wizard, goblin, giant, etc) fucks the corpse of another magical creature. While this is going on the pet of a magician ( cat, owl, frog) uses a strap on to anally plunder the magical creature who is already having sex with the dead body. This sexual act was illustrated freaquently throughout the 7th installment in the Harry Potter series and displayed J.K. Rowling's imaginative and erotic writing style. Harry Potter, Percy Weasley, Hagrid, Tonks (as you probably deducted from her first name Nymph wasnt just another witch name) all played some role in this magical act. Hermione and Madeye moody typically took pictures which were actively able to show the beauty of his act since magical photographs move
As Neville was fucking Snape's lifeless corpse, Crookshanks adjusted his black strap on and proceded to enter Neville and fuck him the way Voldemort use to. Hermione's photographs clearly delicted the magic that is the order of the pheonix.
by Peanut Butter/ O Bitch August 04, 2007
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