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Saggy, drooping breasts that hang in such a way that they resemble the breasts of simian species
Dude, Heather has some nasty sagging orangutan titties. She should wear a push-up bra.
by Ryan K-Dogg October 17, 2006
a bitch with some really saggy tits
Man, Jennifer had some orangutan titties!!!
by Toby September 22, 2004
(Adj.) result of significant weight loss in men, this condition is the result of deflated man-boobs, floppy and flat, can be rolled and stowed like venetian blinds
"Joe just don't turn the guys on since he lost a few pounds. Now all he has are a couple of little ol' orangutan titties."
by TonyT.Tiger January 04, 2010
A disease that predominantly effects women. Characteristics of the ailment are generally defined by a cross-eyed or wall-eyed alignment of the nipples. IE the nipple on the left breast looks down and to the left while the nipple on the right looks up and to the right. Most common causes of the disease are over lactation and Mexican performed breast augmentations. The disease can also be found in heavier set me who suffer from either “Bitch Tits” or “Manboobs”
She used to have a great rack but her kids sucked those sweater puppies into Orangutan Titties.
by gbv.3.0 December 08, 2011
tits that are flappy just like a pair of monkeys boobs
dude! that girls tits are just like a orangutan tittys!
by Cameron McDougall November 15, 2007
Extreme sagging of the breasts. Such breasts can be thrown around the shoulders and round through the legs. Such things found only in rare species of bitches!
Damn Bella has some big old Orangutan titties! She woz trippin all ova dem! It woz WACK! Alie
by Ashley Middleton November 08, 2006
when a girls tittys hang so low they bounce off there knees,
or when they have no tittys
That bitch gone have bruises on her knees from those orangutan tittys.

That bitch got orangutan tittys
by Peter Dragon December 03, 2007
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