Quite possibly one of the strangest places to be because of the weird diversity. Orange County, in California, is a bit of a mixing bowl for the upper-middle-class to even lower, but majority is rich. Usually called a beach community because you either live by the beach or the beach is at most a half hour drive away.

There are many aspects to Orange County based on town, here are some:

Irvine - Economically diverse, minority majority, the biggest bubble you can find in the United States. The only people we have here that are "hard core" are wangsters who can't rap. Oh and half of the wangsters are Asian, not African-American.

Orange - Less wealthy, very dreary and very WASTED area. There are tons of druggies and garage bands thrive here. White majority, unlike Irvine, but not racist.

BEACH cities - Such a large category that it's melded into one. Generally full of spoiled, rich, white racists. Lots of booze. 'Course that's just a generalization so it can't be THAT bad, can it?

Oh. And there are no freakin' oranges here. I live in Irvine and I've only seen a small area of orange trees near my house. The other place where there are orange trees is near a college but it's a really small amount.

What kind of fruit do we have the most of?

"Hey guys I live in the OC!"

"Isn't that the place full of horny, white racists?"

"NO that's the BEACH cities! I live in Orange."

by Chienism April 24, 2005
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A county in southern california that is mistaken to be all rich,white people.Everybody there is not rich and spoiled.
by vansbling August 02, 2005
A uptopian paradise in California where Amusement parks, Asians, Ice cream lovers and Soccer moms coincide and live with eachother in peace and harmony.
Orange county may be expensive, but its a fun place once you get to live there.
by Harrison Elfrink August 05, 2005
A Southern California county that is often mistaken for being a part of Los Angeles, but it's not.
Man #1: I've been living in LA my whole life, man!
Man #2: Anaheim!!!
by Kyle February 19, 2005
One of the safest counties in the country with atleast three cities that consistently make the yearly top ten of safest cities in America (usually Irvine, Mission Viejo, and Lake Forest).

Also, the best Mexican food in California can be found in Santa Ana. And the best Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam can be found in Little Saigon of Westminster.
"Why can't I get a decent slice of pizza in Orange County," says provincial New Yorker.

"For the same reason I can't get decent Mexican in NYC!", says proud Orange Countian.
by dt103 June 07, 2007
A county in southern California that no one even knew existed until the atrociously bad written and unrealistic show, The OC, came out in 2002. Usually divided into two parts by residents: North and South. The North is not 'ghetto', and the South is not the 'extremely rich, plush side.' I live in Aliso Viejo (South county), where the average income is somewhere around 80,000.

There are places like Coto de Caza where the annoying CEOs live, but a majority of people living in Orange County don't have that much money..it all goes to their rent or mortgage, so even if they have a higher level job, once they pay the bills there isn't much left (an example of which I can attest wholeheartedly to).

Orange County is a bubble, once you look past the gangs in both counties, as a great deal of it is master-planned and gives you the feeling of never stepping into reality.
Annoying idiot: Omg, in Orange County, North is so ghetto and South is so full of richies!
North person: ..No. How can it be ghetto when it still costs so much to live here? What, is it 'the ghetto life of a car designer'?
South person: I don't think so. South county isn't just comrpised of the used-to-be-artsy, now-super-expensive Laguna Beach or Coto de Caza. There are other communities with people who go paycheck to paycheck because of the cost of rent.
Annoying idiot: OH WHATEVER. You're just bitter because you don't live in Newport with Ryan and Marissa!
by Katar January 07, 2007
To the previous entry, actually, south county is one of the most conservative parts of the country. California may be liberal, but Orange County, especially South Orange County, is mainly conservative. Especially the soccer moms in their SUVS.
Wow! Orange County, although in California, is so conservative.
by OC Resident August 26, 2006
Not like it seems. A growing county with a great past. It's not full of white rich people.very diverse with a wide range of financial status. South county is home to many military families. Home of oranges, avacados, strawberries, and lemon farms. Farms are there you just have to know where to look. It's a beautiful area with perfect weather. It's way better then some house in chicago hights with no neighbors for miles. It's orange county not the OC.
dude from Idaho: Where do your live?
me: Orange county?
Idaho: California?
Me: Yeah
Idaho: I went there a few years ago. It's beautiful.
Me:Yeah, you'll have to come down again so you can join our beach bon fire. It's great.
by I love Orange County April 02, 2007
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