slang term for Oxycodone/Oxycontin.

You wanna go to orange county?

HEY!! come over here we need some orange county!
by Atrayan May 07, 2006
to one of the previous definers:
Villa Park, Cowan Heights, Orange Park Acres, Copa de Oro, North Tustin, and Anaheim Hills are all in central Orange County... come on get it straight! north county is garden grove ect ect. i live in Orange about 2 miles from Orange Park Acres... and where I live it's mexican's and 711s
The only nice part of Orange County is South County and small parts of Central County.

Just like on the TV show...

The guy from "The OC" comes from the 909! OH NOEZ!
by Diet Coke September 14, 2005
Quite possibly one of the strangest places to be because of the weird diversity. Orange County, in California, is a bit of a mixing bowl for the upper-middle-class to even lower, but majority is rich. Usually called a beach community because you either live by the beach or the beach is at most a half hour drive away.

There are many aspects to Orange County based on town, here are some:

Irvine - Economically diverse, minority majority, the biggest bubble you can find in the United States. The only people we have here that are "hard core" are wangsters who can't rap. Oh and half of the wangsters are Asian, not African-American.

Orange - Less wealthy, very dreary and very WASTED area. There are tons of druggies and garage bands thrive here. White majority, unlike Irvine, but not racist.

BEACH cities - Such a large category that it's melded into one. Generally full of spoiled, rich, white racists. Lots of booze. 'Course that's just a generalization so it can't be THAT bad, can it?

Oh. And there are no freakin' oranges here. I live in Irvine and I've only seen a small area of orange trees near my house. The other place where there are orange trees is near a college but it's a really small amount.

What kind of fruit do we have the most of?

"Hey guys I live in the OC!"

"Isn't that the place full of horny, white racists?"

"NO that's the BEACH cities! I live in Orange."

by Chienism April 24, 2005
although orange county does have ghettos, such as garden grove, for the most part it is known as a rich place with spoiled kids.
i lived in garden grove, it was tite there chillin with my mexican homies. but there were too much fuckin rich white kids in orange i moved down south to san marcos
by reppin southern cali all day January 17, 2005
The inbred bastard child of Los Angeles and San Diego counties, with neither one of their advantages (i.e. no cultural identity) and all of their faults (i.e. out of control real estate prices, smog, gangs).
Overheard at numerous bars in both LA and San Diego:

Guy 1: "I'm from Los Angeles- Venice Beach, to be exact."
Girl: "Oooh, how cool is that?"
Guy 2: "I'm from San Diego- Pacific Beach"
Girl: "Oh, I love that place!"
Guy 3: "And I'm from Orange County!"
Girl: (with a look that's a mixture of pity and revulsion)", well that's...interesting..."
by T. Spencer July 30, 2006
a county in Central Florida, home to Orlando (see Whorelando) and Winter Park.
Orange County, FL = The other OC.
by KRHimself January 23, 2005
The best OC out of all of them. Probably the best county in all of Florida. We're way better then Cali and New York. Forget Disney World and all the attractions. Those places suck ass cause their full of dumb ass tourists. Home to quite a few celebrities

Wesley Snipes
Tiger Woods
Dwight Howard
Delta Burke
Joey Fatone

A majority of people who live in Orange County live in Orlando and contrary to popular opinion OC is NOT a crime infested rathole.

Orange County residents who dont live in Orlando live in places like Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville, Apopka, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Windermere, Belle Isle, or Christmas.

The rich can be found in Winter Park, Maitland, Windermere and Belle Isle.

The poor can usually be found all over Orange County (they all ride the Lynx bus all day cause they have nothing better to do)

Also home to some of the coolest people you will ever meet, extremely diverse and not segregated

And unlike Orange County, CA it is cheap to live here. Plus traffic isnt nearly as bad. We're also way better then our southern neighbor Osceola County which is full of inbred rednecks and wannabe gangster puerto ricans.

We have an endless amount of things to do besides theme parks (Awesome malls, downtown nightclubs, art museums, theater, the Orlando Magic)

Most of Orange County's shrinking white population live in Winter Park, Hunters Creek, Dr Phillips, or Windermere, any rich neighborhood in Orange County is mostly white.

Pine Hills, Parramore, Washington Shores, Rosemont, and Oak Ridge are all crime infested.

I-4 is not as bad as people say, though it can be when there is a car accident.

We also have one of the best school districts in the state of Florida

The only downside to Orange County, Florida is all the tolls on the other expressways.
Wife: Let's move to the Orlando area, how about Osceola County?
Husband: And live with those inbred hicks and spics? No way, I'd rather live in Orange County.
Wife: Good point honey, Orange County it is.
by Disco88 March 24, 2009

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