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a pathetic excuse for a custom bike shop

bikes are made like shit, and sold by shitty people (with the exception of mikey)

most employees of this little new york based company, which use to give their shirts away for recognition and now sell them in trendy stores for 30 bucks a pop, are extremely rude, have no sense of business, and need to be shot on site
Your such an asshole you should work at OCC

if you were cool you'd work for novello
by Bones March 25, 2004
Orange County Choppers nuf' said.
Denis Bladwin is a stupid fuck whom thinks OCC is in orange county, ca but is actually in orange county, ny.
Bones is stupid for thining that orange county choppers sucks.
by Samantha June 11, 2004
A great motorcycle company who makes insane bikes and has a TV show on the Discovery channel and IS in New York.
Samantha is very smart for pointing out how stupid Denis Baldwin and Bones are for there idiotic remarks about Orange County Choppers(OCC).
by Richie of BluR October 18, 2005
A custom motorcycle shop in Orange County, California that makes bikes for celebrities and the otherwise overtly rich. Led by a father and his sons, they have taken their shop on the small screen for the "OCC" television show.
I was cruising through Malibu when I saw Shaq on one of his custom Orange County Choppers
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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