The erotic spoken portion of sex, when sex partners express sounds, grunts, words, phrases or questions. The volume can range from whispers to screams. Just about anything that is said during sex can be considered oral sex.

These utterances usually are expressions of pleasure or commands to do a certain act.

Oral sex usually contains the word "fuck", but "shit" is also popular.

Oral sex falls into four categories: general fuck expressions, expressions of pleasure, commands and questions.

1. (general fuck expressions)
Fuck me!
Fuck me harder!
Shit yeah!
Fuck it!
Fuck yeah!
It feels so (fucking) good!
Shit! or Shiiiiiiit!

2. (grunts/expressions of pleasure)
Oh Yeah!

3. (commands)
Suck that (fucking) dick/cock!
Lick (suck) my (fucking) balls!
Get it all!
Right there!
Fuck my hole!
Open that (fucking) pussy!
Give me that (fucking) pussy!
Fuck my dick/cock!
Pull my hair!
Suck my tits!
Pinch my nipples!
Sit on that (fucking) dick/cock!
Jerk that dick (cock)etc.

4. (questions)
You like that (fucking) dick/cock?
You like that tight (fucking) pussy?
You like that shit, baby?
You like sucking that big (fucking) dick/cock?
You want that (fucking) cum in your mouth? (on your tits/face)?
1. She gave me fantastic oral sex, but probably not the kind you're thinking of.

2. Her oral sex was so loud, I thought it would wake the neighbors!
by BJmike January 26, 2010
The primar function of the mouth
man says:Would you like to give me a oral sex?
women says:I cant I'm eating
man says:why dont you come up with a better explenation if you dont wanna do it even if it means you have to lie about it? like "i cant i already have someone elses penis inside my mouth"
by nadrad April 06, 2010
The best five minutes of peace and quiet a married man can ask for.
"Oral sex is still technically considered sex, right? It is not quite as good as vaginal sex, but at least I don't have to listen to my woman complain."
by Pseudosavant December 19, 2009
the process of bryant sucking on jesses weiner
ow yes jesse WHAT ow no its in my eye damn u bryant HEY guys (RATT MEED) WTF let me get in on this
by ratt meed December 02, 2003
When a girl sucks a man off, or a man eats a girl out.
aaaw, shit, yo Shirley can give some crazy ass oral sex.
by mombubawae April 08, 2006
For a guy..It's when a gril sucks his over sized penis..for a girl its when a guy gives her a tounge twister. Basic. and fun.
GUY: Suck me beautiful.
GIRL: Oh Just shut up and get it over with.
by The Sex King August 12, 2003
Where a guy eats a girl out and when a girl licks a guys dick
Girl: I want to lick your dick
Guy: I want to eat you out!
by Amy November 19, 2003

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