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someone who only enjoys recieving cunnilingus/fellatio, not giving it
"jesse is a total oral top, he never reciprocates"
by anyteeng July 03, 2006
1. a gay man who gives it in the rear and takes it in the throat, but not in the rear.

2. the dominating partner in a gay sexual relationship, usually calling the shots as to when he performs oral sex, when oral sex is performed on him, and when intercourse takes place.
Oral top: Hey man, when we hook up first I'm going to deep throat you and then I'm going to give it to you doggy style.

Bottom: I can't wait to have you all over me.
by muscarrata May 15, 2011
a gay or bi male who gives and receives fellatio but is only a top for anal intercourse.
Dana is an oral top,he loves to suck and fuck but never gets fucked himself.
by versatileguy February 01, 2011