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Eating food that has no nutritional value whatsoever, but still tastes good. E.g. bubble gum.
A: You shouldn't chew gum.
B: Why?
A: It has no vitimins or minerals, or calories! Chewing gum is oral masturbation!
B: Ewe!
by Uberkawaiidouche February 22, 2011
to be jerked off with the lips - preferably by a chick with DSL's
"hey baby, come help me with some oral masturbation."
by fallen5t4r August 29, 2007
1:Talking or bragging about yourself or a subject matter you know almost everything about to the point of excess.

2:When someone continuously talks about something only they are interested in.

3: to talk endlessly simply for enjoyment, attention, or control.
Never ask Jon about his job unless you want to experience 3 hours of oral masturbation .
by BynoT August 03, 2010