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a girl who can deep throat a toothbrush and gives lots of incredible head.. preferably named Laura(duq)
Damn! Look at oral b, she gettin him off in a min flat, shes a damn pro!
by hollie January 10, 2005
when a girl gives you a bj while shes brushing her teeth so your cock gets sucked with a minty brushy twist
that hoe just gave me a fresh oral b.
by fishbowl55 February 13, 2011
Where you take your dick and brush a passed out person's teeth with it.
This girl passed out then i did an oral b on her.
by TkevinM January 27, 2008
When you brush your teeth with a jizz covered toothbrush.
Justin decided he needed to improve his dental hygiene, so he decide to have an Oral-b once a day.
by roper.6 November 01, 2011
A girl who loves to get her mouth on any guy she can. She brushes her teeth frequently.
"I'm gonna call up Oral B and see if she's up for a danglesesh for tomorrow morning. Just hope I don't get the rake."
by Nasty Love, M.D. August 31, 2005
As in "Bitch please, my teeth are clean"
"How are your teeth?"
"Oral B, bitch please, my teeth are clean"
by hallospceboy August 18, 2014
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