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Leader of a set of girls. While approaching / hitting on this set, you must be sure to keep Optimus Prime pre-occupied so that she doesn't give the ""Autobots, transform and roll out!" command and leave with all the girls by her side.
Man, I was trying to wing Optimus Prime all last night so that she didn't roll out with her friends.
by RandomComments August 11, 2009
A reference to your man hood or just another name for your penis.
Yo, girl come suck this optimus prime.

Guy: Hey do you like the Transformers?

Girl: Yeah

Guy: Awesome, cause I've got optimus prime in my pants ready to transform just for you.
by Curvy Contessa January 11, 2011
unloading on a slutty bitch's chest. a shot of cum to the chest.
when megatron kills optimus prime, OP dies after he takes one to the chest like a dirty slut.
i optimus prime'd that bitch
by getgooglegoggles January 29, 2010
Leader of the Autobots, Someone who is an unstoppable dynamo in a multiplayer game.
That fuggin' motha' fugga' neva' fuggin' DIES!!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004
My Vibrator
Damn optimus prime feels good on my clit

ya i use clit stimulation and I have never orgasmed during sex!
by L.S.K. (little stoner kid!) August 05, 2008
How I refer to my male reproductive organ.
"I went to my friends house where he sucked the red paint off of my optimus prime"

I was about to murder an african-american with my weapon of choice, a chainsaw, when he kicked my optimus prime and ran away with my tv.
by josh March 09, 2004