A term used to describe a very big or powerful truck. Is also the name of the Autobot leader from Transformers, who transforms into a semi truck.
Guys car gets rammed by a semi truck. He says to the truck driver, "God dammit, why'd you destroy my car with Optimus Prime, you idiot."
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
The Fucking MAN!
Optimus Prime burned down an orphanage while eating beef jerky and cutting down the rain forrests. Then some femminists came up to him and started their bitching, so he starting punting them across the yard. Then he went to a feminists meeting and started shooting them with lazers that came out of his eyes and making then run back to their men for protection since women are weak. Then his gf started bitching him so he slapper her upside the head and she cooked him some dinner.
by The fucking man. February 06, 2004
Mechanical Jesus

'nough said
Boy: Sorry i broke your moms vase

Other boy: Oh for Prime's sake, you better pray to Optimus that she doesnt find out!

optimus prime
by SupremeNinjew October 01, 2009
The best name for a kid
Optimus Prime, sit down and go into sleep mode
by optimus prime v2.0 October 04, 2010
The best of the best. Really cool or fun.
How was the party? Fuck dude it was optimus prime! or Damn that ride is optimus prime.
by Danger Razor September 28, 2007
another word for god, super strength, or sexy
Filip's nickname is Optimusprime because he reminds me of God.
by HoleyOne42 February 02, 2007
The best cut of steak.
"I'd like a 24 oz. optimus prime with a glass of merlot, please.
by Penishead Bob July 02, 2009

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