Leader of a set of girls. While approaching / hitting on this set, you must be sure to keep Optimus Prime pre-occupied so that she doesn't give the ""Autobots, transform and roll out!" command and leave with all the girls by her side.
Man, I was trying to wing Optimus Prime all last night so that she didn't roll out with her friends.
by RandomComments August 11, 2009
When one uses Aluminum or tin foil as a condom
Baby let me transform into Optimus Prime before we have sex
by Pecker checker April 02, 2010
A reference to your man hood or just another name for your penis.
Yo, girl come suck this optimus prime.

Guy: Hey do you like the Transformers?

Girl: Yeah

Guy: Awesome, cause I've got optimus prime in my pants ready to transform just for you.
by Curvy Contessa January 11, 2011
Leader of the Autobots, Someone who is an unstoppable dynamo in a multiplayer game.
That fuggin' motha' fugga' neva' fuggin' DIES!!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004
unloading on a slutty bitch's chest. a shot of cum to the chest.
when megatron kills optimus prime, OP dies after he takes one to the chest like a dirty slut.
i optimus prime'd that bitch
by getgooglegoggles January 29, 2010
My Vibrator
Damn optimus prime feels good on my clit

ya i use clit stimulation and I have never orgasmed during sex!
by L.S.K. (little stoner kid!) August 05, 2008
How I refer to my male reproductive organ.
"I went to my friends house where he sucked the red paint off of my optimus prime"

I was about to murder an african-american with my weapon of choice, a chainsaw, when he kicked my optimus prime and ran away with my tv.
by josh March 09, 2004
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