Leader of The Autobots in the incomparable series 'Transformers'. With the ability to transform into a Truck and just being a general beast, he is unstopable.
"man that dude ty emery loves his Optimus Prime!", yet who wouldn't love someone comparable to God.
by ty-guy September 01, 2008
An altruistic giant alien robot wirh the power to transform into a truck.

His main rival is Megaton, Decpticon leader, who is obsessed with trying to beat and kill Optimus.

Prime's noble traits include playing fair, never leaving anyone behind, never asking anyone to do something he wouldn't do himself, entering the battlefield first and leaving last, fighting for the freedoms of all sentient life, giving fair warnings, preserving peace and ofcourse giving inspirational speeches.

His abilities wary and whilst he lacks the destructive talents of Megatron he more than makes up for them with his support abilties and particularly his ability to control inanimate parts or drones. His major ability is to combine with his trailer or drones to become Super Optimus. Beyond that he can readily combine with other Transformers to become even more powerful.

As the true leader of the Autobots he is beqeeathed the Matrix of Leadership which allows him direct access with the very soul of Cybertron as well as the collective knowledge of all former Autobot leaders.

Such is Primes awesomeness that he can always rise from the dead and hence he is known as Jesus Prime.

So great is his ladership skills that even other species like humans would openly serve him and allow him to become an elected leader because that's how great and effective he is.
by daimou February 05, 2011
The leader of the transformers
Optimus Prime? He's jewish? ~ Peter
by WeinerMuncher January 25, 2004
awesome-ness, perfection
i.e. optimal and prime = optimus prime
also, the bad-ass dude from transformers who is optimus prime.
-I just jumped over that building!!
-OMG!!! Optimus Prime!!
by smile808 September 07, 2010
This is a drink, to make it mix 1/2 part Budweiser and 1/2 Bud light. Enjoy it in moderation, over consumption of this will cause extreme awesome-ness. So watch out
Bartender hook me up with another "Optimus Prime"
by OptimusPrime Time April 16, 2010
The moment when a female's bra straps form into the face and or head of the famous Autobot from the Transformers franchise, Optimus Prime when she wears a tight shirt.
Guy: "Dude, did you see her Optimus Prime?"
Dude: "Yeah, it was bulging out, everyone saw it."
Guy: "Do you ever think she'll know everyone was laughing at it?"
Dude: "No, girls never really know when they have an Optimus Prime."
by RanDominoX April 14, 2011
Leader of a set of girls. While approaching / hitting on this set, you must be sure to keep Optimus Prime pre-occupied so that she doesn't give the ""Autobots, transform and roll out!" command and leave with all the girls by her side.
Man, I was trying to wing Optimus Prime all last night so that she didn't roll out with her friends.
by RandomComments August 11, 2009

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