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When you see things as you want them to be, not as they really are.
That fox is really staring at me, she wants me to know that she wants me. Dude you're under an optical delusion, that's a glare not a stare, and if you go over there, she'll slap you blind.
by knowman September 14, 2012
Misreading a word, phrase, sentence or headline, often to humorous or shocking effect.
The headline read 'Intel back on track', but for a split second, I thought it said 'Intel back on crack'.
by beandog February 09, 2005
An occasion when someone trys to twist something that is clearly normal into something that either causes excitement, offends someone, or helps prover their point.
Q- Yo man, have you seen my ticked out '77 Honda Accord?
A- Nah man, that just one of your optical delusions.
by djyr2003 February 16, 2010