Adverb, adjective; to simplify. Best used in describing activities that shouldn't need explanation.
1. Tell it me oprah.
2. What is the oprah way to microwave this pizza?
by John Beeler September 21, 2006
The nickname givin to a former classmate of ours, for no apparent reason WHATSOEVER, Dustin Ridley. other nicknames include: pinky-pie, tinky-winky, a whole bunch of crap, ukrain, scuttlebutt, todo.
*Alex, Harlee, and/ or Brittney walk into class on day, and all sit around Dustin (A.K.A: Oprah) (by some random twist of fate, we were assigned near him the whole year).
by Alex And Harlee August 10, 2008
The ruler of the Universe. Period.
All heil the mighty Oprah!
by John Hartman April 13, 2008
1. Queen of Chicago.
2. Our Friend.
1. Don't bother the Queen. She's sleeping in her Water Tower Place Castle.
2. Oprah is our friend. -David Letterman
by Tom A. February 04, 2007
the hottest women over 40.
i want to get the edge on oprah.
by nastynatedogg April 24, 2006
when you are eating an ice cream cone and the ice cream melts/drips onto the cone. comes from zambian roots "ou-" meaning "shape" and "-preh" meaning wet. only refers to waffle cones. all others, see vagina blanket
i bought my ice cream cone from a vendor at the cubs game, but it was so hot that by the time i had paid him, i was holding an oprah
by foxpack June 05, 2004

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