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The finest of Purple Haze (Cannabis Sativa,Weed,Pot,Ganja,Hashish,etc.) Derived in the South. Also known as "The Color Purple/Oprah"
"Cuzzo! I'm high as hell of that Oprah, ya heard!"

"That song called Oprah by Fiend is off the hook!)
by Capo Joe April 23, 2009
5 4
a fat annoying bitch that somehow gets people to like her
-fuck oprah!
-already did?
by cuntillness February 17, 2008
26 25
A person that always has to get involved in everyone's business. Wanted or not they're always listening and gossiping as they thrive on attention and causing friction between people for the fun of it.
Dannnggg... Patricia be quiet Oprah is heading this way
by TheLordghetto July 06, 2014
0 0
Verb. A) To think about a recent experience or failure and pull the lesson/s from it. B) A process by which lesson or lessons are gleaned from an experience or failure in life. oprah, oprahs, oprahed, oprahing.
1) It was upsetting that he wasn't qualified to buy the car; but after he oprahs, he'll realize that at least now he knows what his credit score needs to be the next time he tries.
2) I urged my friend to oprah her divorce and make a list, so she can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.
by MiggyT June 28, 2011
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An overrated annoying nuisance
We love you Oprah.
by kombis January 20, 2011
3 4
The world's richest sista.
Ya know, I could do an Oprah and give you a car.
by dj mbm July 06, 2008
13 18
<Noun> A synonym for Crack Cocaine. Doing Oprah has become as world renown as playing with your friend Mary Jane is for marijuana. Originally thought to be an new phrase of the Ebonics style dialect of pop culture for obtaining or doing the impossible, law enforcement quickly realized their mistake after arresting a pregnant 15year old at the corner of Boss Gaston and Richmond Gaines in Huston TX, after she attempted to score some 'Oprah' from an undercover cop.
Oh my god, I'm so messed up on Oprah right now, I haven't slept in a week.
by Sky BobWalker the Nob-Hobbler April 01, 2011
2 10