Shapeshifter. The only known person in history who can change into any form he/she so desires. This is obviously how she obtains her wealth of information, public opinions and money. She transforms herself into another person to gather what she needs for her overated, overappreciated, decieving day time television show. She feeds on the ignorance of the millions of viewers that worship her.She has supposedly been around since the beggining of time itself, she has asumed many forms and has corrupted many a country. One infamous person you may have heard of, Hitler, was not the man you think he was, he was, as you may have guessed, Oprah, in disguise. She is believed to have been present at the Last Supper. Though she tends to change shapes often, her most famous, and most used form is the overweight, overpaid, deceptive black woman you see on television. She is to be avoided at all costs. She can be anywhere at any time in any shape. You have been warned.

Also see oprah hands
"Hey! Look that water moves like Oprah!"
"Dude, Don't change the way you look like that, I didn't know who you were, you pulled an Oprah."
by Thisnamebetternotbetaken August 14, 2006
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To make billions of money and show off in front of middle-aged white women
Dude, did you watch "Apprentice" last night? Trump was totally Oprah!
by Phalkon October 31, 2004
Possibly the richest black person alive, man or woman.
Oprah gave away 7 million dollars worth of brand new cars to her audience on her 19th season opener.
by anonymous September 19, 2004
A rich, powerful, black women, that can buy ANYONE she wants, example: Dr. Phil
You just mad cause you suckas just got Oprahed
by Who The Douce Are You? April 16, 2005
The world's current Sith Lord
Her current apprentices are possibly Dr Phil or that white designer he-bitch she owns, or perhaps even Tom Cruise (hehe midget)

"Watch out or Oprah will fry you with her sith powers"
"Oprah is so Sithy she eats bricks for breakfast (which also explains her weight)"
"Oprah is going to take over the galaxy one day, better not pay out black folks"
by Elmin October 16, 2005
The woman that brainwashed my mom to stop buying soda. Forever
Chick on oprah: ''And I lost 40 pounds after cutting soda out of my life completley!

My mom: *brainwashed* Must. Stop. Buying. Soda.
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
The act of a female endlessly bashing males in response to all of their problems, named obviously after the talk show host that loves to whine about how bad men are.
Look at Jennifer over there pulling a Oprah!
by Piranha May 02, 2006
To coax an answer or confession out of someone with gentle persuasion, like the talk-show host.
"I didn't want to tell her, but she Oprah'd it out of me."
by The Evil Pop Tart February 27, 2005

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