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N. Term coined by Oprah herself on her show but made famous by Joel McHale on "The Soup." Refers to the slang term Oprah uses for her own genitalia. The term can be used to refer to the ballsiness of female executives, or to Oprah's actual vagina.
Synonyms: "Mingey" (as seen on the classic episode of South Park called "A Million Little Fibers" which parodied Oprah's crotch and ass.)
1. Jen: "You think you can make partner at your law firm, Shakronda?"
Shakronda: "Hell, yes ... my brilliant briefs and my Oprah's va jay jay will take me right to the top!"

2. Oprah (swinging on a bungee chord harness) "My va jay jay is painin' !! "
by Skip O'Potamus October 29, 2007
A black hole.
Oh no, I'm getting sucked into Oprah's Vajayjay!
by Yesndil March 26, 2009
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