Seems to be the god of america, legends and echos in the media and movies...jokes we english do not get. also has not touched australia. Her show seems to be comparable to doc phil or jerry springer and other philostein TV. America's love affair with talk shows with no real point continues....apparently she does clothes and sings now too but we brits know nothing of it!
(charles): I loved that moviue but I didnt get the joke with the black woman

(hank) boy howdy. that was oprah winfrey you limey, lord of amrica.

(charles) I see...
by Marcus Ditzel September 24, 2006
something truly awful
dave: sorry your granma died
me: at least she didnt get Oprah Winfrey
by Mr. debator2 October 09, 2010
Great big fat blackassed heifer who is getting pretty old and obsolete like that dork Phil Donahue whom she replaced.
Oprah on! Oprah on! Oprah Oprah Oprah on! The Oprah Winfrey Show flat out ON!!!
by Candice G. May 05, 2007
Oprah hates white people and is so condesending. She appears to be an overweight, angry, black woman who hates whites. She supports only black causes and has white servants. Why do people praise this racist, hateful woman? The ignorant masses seem hypnotized by her. It is amazing she can be so rude to whites and so exclusive with blacks while if a white person did this she would be fired and ridiculed. Causcasians, wake up and watch, observe her tone, her choices, and her causes! They do not include you and they are actually offending you. Be aware, she says there are no blacks in commercials, but watch, over half of all commercials have African Americans.
My name is Queen Oprah, and I am taking questions. "Yes, white trash, what insignificant tripe do you have to add"?
"Oh my black Nubian princess, tell us your wise input, after this dumb white bitch is finished talking".
"I will spend my billions to support black children in Africa and all black causes, just watch whitey! By the way, cracker, what size chains would fit you?"
My name is Oprah Winfrey and all my movies, plays, commercials and distinguised speakers are black, because we are better than honkey.
My choices will support only African American intelligent people, I will choose white speakers who make us look better, because we, the blacks are better than you!
by Jenna2810 April 28, 2007
The Deepak Chopra of talk show hosts. A god to soccer moms everywhere, and an egregious blight on everyone else. While her work ethic and her ability to overcome the horrid obstacles of her early life should be admired, she uses her platform as one of the most influential women on the planet to peddle woo, promote empty, platitudinous feel-good pop psychology horseshit, and give a prominent platform for the often-harmful advice of hacks and charlatans (see Dr. Phil, "psychologist", Dr. Oz, energy-healing quack, Jenny McCarthy, anti-vaccine kook, and, again, Deepak Chopra, for prominent examples). Every time she's on air, she has the opportunity to provide the truth and give people useful information to live by, but instead, kowtows to quackery, clapping like a trained seal in the process. As such, her influence does a disservice to the critical thinking skills of the general public, and should be considered nothing but a pus-filled carbuncle - nay - a malignant cancer on the asshole of Reason by any person who values their critical faculties. Fuck Oprah, and everything that snake oil-peddling, self-important cow stands for!
Bob: Did you watch Oprah Winfrey yesterday?
Greg: No, why?
Bob: She had a psychic come on the show to discuss her new book about crystal healing being used to cure cancer, and why you don't needn't consult a medical professional for treatment any longer. And the stupid, mindless pack of sycophantic soccer moms gobbled it up like it was the fucking Gospel!
Greg: *facepalm* This is why we can't have nice things!
by Dr. Snark, PhD October 25, 2013
Chronic weed, the Color Purple
Smoking on that Oprah Winfrey, yeah the Color Purple.
by Dflynn March 28, 2008
A hard working black woman who picked herself up from a life of molestation and poverty to becoming a respectable talk-show host who touches millions. instead of having the usual high-status celebrity guests, you'll find a great deal of her guests are at low or average class sharing their stories with the show as oprah compares and relates the situation to her life.
Has spent millions of Dollars on children in africa.
Continues to be an overall great loving person.
by cathy pacheco February 18, 2004

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