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the act of responding with the opposite emoticon rather than the appropriate emoticon when commenting on a status update, usually on Facebook but not limited to. This oddity invariably leads to confusion for everyone yet is hilarious to only the oppo-emoticoner and a select few of totally awesome somewhat twisted sharp-minded people that appreciate it. The hilarity varies inversely with the severity or emotional tone of the status.
girl1: "Craig has totally gone overboard with the oppo-emoticoning"
girl2: "whaaa-Shut up!!"
girl1: "Ohhh yea! He oppo-emoticoned the Sh*t out of my profile the other day. It wouldn't be that bad but now i have to explain to my mom why one of my friends is happy grandma has cancer!"

Girl1: "I don't get it. Why is Dave all smiley-face about me failing my class and not being able to get my internship? What did i ever do to him?"
girl2: "Girl you didn't know? Dave oppo-emoticons. He oppo_emoticons everybody. The guy has no regard for human emotion when it comes to his oppo-emoticoning. Especially when someones dreams or fears are involved.
It used to bother me but now i think it's cute, Dave's funny....but in your case sooooo wrong"
by megeladon January 25, 2011
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