Something spoon fed to you by the government.
Here's your opinion sir.
by nobinshallfreely November 28, 2011
The one thing on Youtube that starts a whole month-worth of comments. Alot of the opinions are not stated, so people tend to flame those who don't like a well-liked video.
xXx_Swag420Blaze_xXx: Omg, dis video sucks balls.

Other Youtuber: Be prepared for a world of responses.
OTHER Youtuber: Opinions, Opinions....
by Rick the Hamster November 09, 2014
One of many ways to start a YouTube comment war.
Man: CoD is great!

Woman: Your opinions are stupid.

Man: Your face is stupid!
by SupaleegamingX July 22, 2014
Something that all liberals hate.
Liberal: What's your opinion on Same-Sex Marriage?

Me: I believe that marriage is between a man and woman.

Liberal: Fuck you homophobe
by Guitarist321 June 22, 2014
Something which is not always respected, despite the promise of freedom of speech. However, if it is common, it tends to be mistaken for fact.
Although I don't think 2 Chainz is a good rapper, I'm ok with the fact that some people like his music because it's their opinion.
by akt858 October 26, 2013
"an opinion is like a rectum. everyone has one, but each of them stinks."
in my honest and humble opinion, your opinion stinks.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk December 28, 2005
*Like* asshole
Everyone has their own oppinion
by noneya January 06, 2004

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