A persons own personal view or understanding which is entirely subjective. Often given to others unsolicited, and unwelcomed.
Opinions are like assholes... everyones got one and they all stink!
by hotbuddha October 14, 2005
Something denied to certain people by other people. Who usually travel in groups or gangs. These people form organisation's or Governments.
Cubans are denied their opinions against castro
by Scribble September 07, 2003
A belief held by a person that can be considered either true or false by other people
In my opinion, I think that Good Charlotte is a great band.
by Mister_E January 15, 2010
The ideas of stubborn people. An idea becomes an opinion when it conflicts with other ideas.
Person 1: I think opinions are for idiots.

Person 2: ...Isn't that an opinion?

Person 1: Fuck.
by Nonphatophobe May 19, 2008
1. The primary motivation and inspiration for for creating slang terminology. Since most slang terms are based upon personal opinion, it is impossible to define some slang terms without naming the opinion that inspired them.
by Downstrike May 30, 2004
Something spoon fed to you by the government.
Here's your opinion sir.
by nobinshallfreely November 28, 2011
Something that all liberals hate.
Liberal: What's your opinion on Same-Sex Marriage?

Me: I believe that marriage is between a man and woman.

Liberal: Fuck you homophobe
by Guitarist321 June 22, 2014

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