a guy/girl who is opinionated to the point of absurdity. Generally, these people need attention badly.
guy: OMG!! Bush sucks, guns are bad, we should totally legalize pot, i hate abercrombie, i am so punk, i hate preps, i think..
me: stfu and quit being an opinion whore.
guy: well, you know what.
me: no, and frankly i dont care.
by Lamb_OF_Dog May 21, 2006
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an opinion whore is someone that doesnt listen to what anyone else says. Many times they think other people are opinion whores when in fact, thinking that makes them an opinion whore. many times they say i love bush & make all drugs illegal.
the person who wrote the definition above this one is an opinion whore.
by jameson m July 05, 2006

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