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term to describe an automatic door opener...
also used to describe that u want something quick done right away...like u wanted it done yesterday
waving a magic wand anytime u want something done right away
i want it done right away...
i want it done yesterday...
i wanted it done yesterday
i wish i can say open sesame and cook breakfast, do laundry, walk the dog, feed the fish, clean my room, clean the house, fix the car...etc, etc, etc...
by blthrskt December 29, 2005
39 13
Command that readies the vagina for intercourse.
I make sure to call out loudly "OPEN SESAME" any time I get a chick's pants off.
by Anonymous2322 November 27, 2010
25 12
A magical phrase used to open otherwise impenetrable passageways.

The origin of this phrase has nothing to do with the sesame plant or seed. The phrase was created when a man with a thick Italian accent said "Open Says Me", which was misinterpreted and became "Open Sesame".
Chris: How are we going to get in, the door is locked?

Giavonna: Open Sesame (open says-a-me).

Chris: It's open. I guess it wasn't locked.
by ccxxii June 22, 2013
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