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1. party: a party that whoever wants to come is allowed to. an optimistic idea, but not always a smart one.

2. ready hospitality: a situation or occasion when visitors are welcome at any time

3. school visiting day: a day on which an institution such as a school or college is open to the public for visitors to view aspects of its work and activities

4. viewing period before sale: a period of time during which a house or an apartment that is for sale is open to the public for viewing

5. house open to viewing: a house or apartment that is open to be viewed by the public before sale

"dude, mike's having an open house tonight" "oh man, so many people are gonna go"
by ian November 23, 2005
when the parents are gone for however long and you have the whole house to do whatever
(normally parties are thrown where anyone who wants to go goes)
sandra: "im having an open house this weekend. my parents are going to be in palms springs"
andrew: "cool ill bring the beer and well invite people for a party!!!!!!!!!!!"
by sandra renolds April 03, 2007
n. A house that has no supervision, usually for the weekend. An open house will most often be used for parties and smokefests.
Man dude: Dude i got a open house this weekend!
Dude man: Nice dude, party.
Man dude: of for sure.
by Johnny Houston March 02, 2009
An open house dealer is a house or apartment where someone simply knocks on, walks in, and buys drugs, usually cannabis.
Got myself a open house dealer
by Lightning4 December 05, 2011
A metaphor for someone that is always opened to have sex, a slut or a whore.
He's always willing to fuck anyone, he's an Open House.
by Gubbles March 04, 2014
The act of taking a shit with the toilet door open so everyone can smell it.
Tom did an open house and everyone got angry because it stunk.
by fartwilly December 08, 2013
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