Open Pollination
Open Pollination is when a plant is allowed to pollinate openly not under controlled conditions, cleistogamy. Pollination may take place because of bees, wind, insects, or other natural means. Human hands can contribute to open pollination by taking one flower from an OP plant and touching it to the rest of the flowers on the same plant and-or neighboring OP plants. Open Pollination may be used contribute to the biodiversity of a species as it produces more plants with a wide variety of new genetic traits.
1. The cannabis industry in Washington state is an entrepreneur's market right now. It's totally OP.

2. The original plant was an Heirloom from my grandmas greenhouse. Since she gave it to me I've been growing it outside in my garden. It's OP so who knows what might have created since then.

3. I only grow plants that are OP because I don't believe in the proliferation of genetically modified rapeseed.

4. My plants may be OP but my marriage is not!
by NWNorwegian February 01, 2013
/ōp/ Origins: Elk Grove Village, IL

Op is a term of sarcasm. Op can be used to precede or follow a comment that the speaker would like to express as either sarcastic or not true. It can also be used to describe an awkward or funny moment.

Advanced OP speakers have used variations of op including, "Oppity op" and "Op op op."
"That suit is black... OP."-Borat

"OP Kim Kardashian makes good decisions."

The only thing that can describe walking into T. Woods on a Tuesday and seeing everyone that graduated between 2003-2010: "Op."
by ElkGroveSpeech November 02, 2011
A new form of oxycontin, designed as a rubber-like substance to prevent crushing and snorting
These OP 60s are so annoying. I just want to snort them!
by nardiman September 10, 2010
OP or "Original Pun" Is a word used mostly on the *chan imageboards. Often referred to by newfags as "Original Poster", but it have always meant Original Pun.
Anonymous 1: Mans erection lasted over 7 hours, died because of blood loss. Discuss.

Anonymous 2: Damn.. must've been hard.

Anonymous 3: what an OP lol
by ChanLegend August 31, 2010
A systematic plan or strategy, usually for gainage. differentiated by being a "deace op" or a "shab op"

'Op';noun / Op-ing;verb / Op-ed;adj

Usually used to describe a current status or engagement.
you jacked my op!
by TheMan650 June 04, 2010
Poster #1. He is the most holy, he gave us his sacred word after his girlfriend stayed out past 5am. He will return and reward all those who are faithful to him.
1)One does not need an admin between yourself and OP. Communion can take place within your heart. There, you can walk with OP and have him guide your life daily.

2)The OP himself is the one true voice, the one call to be heeded!

all others are false prophets sent to tempt the innocent!

We shall wait patiently as we have since The Thread began, for The OP to reveal himself and redeem his followers!

All shall be made clear upon his inevitable return!

blessed be The OP

by lmdsmad September 04, 2009
1. Short for OverPowered, as in a weapon or unit that is too powerful

2. Something that should be nerfed

3. Something that noobs complain about whenever they get pwned by it

4. An acronym that does NOT stand for original poster
1. Dude, that is way too Op

2. Bungie nerfed the needler gun in Multiplayer, because people were complaining it was OP

3. (Getting raped by mass Zerglings in Starcraft)
Zerglings... So OP...
by Terrazine August 30, 2011
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