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Open Pollination
Open Pollination is when a plant is allowed to pollinate openly not under controlled conditions, cleistogamy. Pollination may take place because of bees, wind, insects, or other natural means. Human hands can contribute to open pollination by taking one flower from an OP plant and touching it to the rest of the flowers on the same plant and-or neighboring OP plants. Open Pollination may be used contribute to the biodiversity of a species as it produces more plants with a wide variety of new genetic traits.
1. The cannabis industry in Washington state is an entrepreneur's market right now. It's totally OP.

2. The original plant was an Heirloom from my grandmas greenhouse. Since she gave it to me I've been growing it outside in my garden. It's OP so who knows what might have created since then.

3. I only grow plants that are OP because I don't believe in the proliferation of genetically modified rapeseed.

4. My plants may be OP but my marriage is not!
by NWNorwegian February 01, 2013
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1)noun.Used in the lolita community for "One "Piece,as in a dress that needs no blouse.

2)noun.Used in thae forums as "original poster,"or "Original post."

3)verb.Used in battle instances as "Overpowered."
1)"The new OP from Angelic Pretty is so cute!"

2)"Dude,read the OP."

3)"He just got OPed!
by Miss Lolipopp July 17, 2008
22 43
Oral Pleasure
My girlfriend gives really good o.p.
by stu_haxorpcs September 06, 2009
6 30
Stands for Original Prankster.
I posted pictures of platypuses all over campus, so I shall now be addressed as "THE OP".
by ilkinz March 30, 2009
5 30
Another term for Warlock in World of Warcraft
The GM's (Game Masters) Had originally planned to call the class "OP" but decided it didn't fit with the Lore.
I just got killed by a warlock.
"I just got pwnt by an OP AGAIN!"

You just died for the infinith time to a warlock, you than decide to play one.
*DEATH by Warlock* "That's it, I'm rolling OP"
by Jon DDA September 19, 2007
16 41
Opening Post. The first post in a topic on an online discussion board, with which the topic is "opened".
- What's the URL?
- Read the OP!
by Mr. British July 17, 2006
69 94
Stands for Original Pirate. These are the elites of the gangsta pirates, who cruise the oceans with gats in hand, searching for booty. The most famous gangsta pirate set is the POP (pirates of the pacific). They are headed by O.P. Captain Morgan and O.P. BIG Pirate. They have been mostly interested in getting drunk and high, but as long as they have a designated sailor, they will control the rum and marijuana trade of the pacific ocean. O.P. for life!
Yo homes, we just got done with a sail-by. Yeah, foo, that Atlantic O.P. wont be slangin' no more rum in these waters. ARGHHHHH
by we2d January 03, 2006
32 57
short for "on-point"
man that shit was OP!
by bjaquayed July 02, 2009
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