Open Pollination
Open Pollination is when a plant is allowed to pollinate openly not under controlled conditions, cleistogamy. Pollination may take place because of bees, wind, insects, or other natural means. Human hands can contribute to open pollination by taking one flower from an OP plant and touching it to the rest of the flowers on the same plant and-or neighboring OP plants. Open Pollination may be used contribute to the biodiversity of a species as it produces more plants with a wide variety of new genetic traits.
1. The cannabis industry in Washington state is an entrepreneur's market right now. It's totally OP.

2. The original plant was an Heirloom from my grandmas greenhouse. Since she gave it to me I've been growing it outside in my garden. It's OP so who knows what might have created since then.

3. I only grow plants that are OP because I don't believe in the proliferation of genetically modified rapeseed.

4. My plants may be OP but my marriage is not!
by NWNorwegian February 01, 2013
Overpowered- usually in video games, there are weapons or tools which are seen by the community as overpowered. Some have special abilities, power or handiness that makes the user superior to the other players, and gives them an advantage.
Call of Duty- World at War:

The MP40 sub-machine gun is seen as OP (overpowered) on the consoles especially with the 'Stopping Power' perk.

Generally any weapon which the gaming community views as overpowered is often called 'OP' in game chat.
by stig4532 April 13, 2013
The new term for, "swag", only without the 10 year old Nike wearing boy kind of vibe. OP standing for OverPowering. Used to describe something That is so much "swag" you can't handle it.
"Oh my god Rafael that's SO OP!"
"Wow this show is so OP I love it!"
by I~Like~Hands February 18, 2015
original post
I agree with the OP, if abortion is murder, then a blow job is definetely cannibalism.
by Lecroan July 02, 2015
Okay, so I've been seeing this one a lot on things like reddit no sleep and it means Original Poster.

This can be used if someone has re-posted something showing that you are referring to the person who Originally Posted whatever you're posting on.
"Then suddenly I heard something behind me..."

Commenter 1: I hope OP is okay!

Commenter 2: I hope OP updates soon if they can to tell us what was behind them!
by GrierUmDallas October 24, 2014
Rolland, cause he's damn OP in everything
A: Dude, that guy is so Rolland
B: Don't you mean OP?
by AkiAlex March 16, 2015
A faggot.
OP is a faggot.
by Gareki May 03, 2015
MMORPG (and other online games) slang, literally meaning "overpowered".
That gear is really OP!
by caelumsixsmith September 07, 2014

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