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An Uzi machine gun

This term is mentioned often in early 90s New York rap songs.
"Pullin' out the oowop, listening to doowop"--Q-Tip, A Tribe Called Quest, "Everything Is Fair"

"You get the Tec-9, I'll get the oowop"--Bad Mentalz, Trends of Culture, "Who Got My Back?"
by Kuahmel March 31, 2009
74 113
2 blunts connected together and rolled for smoking.
You got those phillies? I'm abvout to roll an oowop.
by resk March 02, 2005
177 46
2 phillie blunts rolled together
"Roll them 2 phillies together in Da Bridge we call them oowops" - Nas
by CleanCut October 18, 2007
147 36
A large blunt rolled using two philly cigars, put together legnthwise. Usually requires 2-3 grams of marijuana. Takes 30-40 minutes to finish the blunt.
"rolling two phillies together, in the bridge we call 'em oo-wops." --nas
by Jack--the dude March 30, 2006
58 14
i specail blunt made by taking two philly blunts and rolling them end to end. light and enjoy.
As nas said, "So I comes back home, nobody's helping shorty doo-wop
Rollin two Phillies together in the Bridge we called 'em oowops"
by Apoc901269 September 09, 2008
50 10
Two Philly Blunts rolled together to create one large Blunt, or Oowop.

Originating from Queensbridge, New York
"Rollin' two Philly's together in the Bridge, we call 'em oowops"

- One Love

by timtolin October 23, 2008
17 3