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1) generally the beat in industrial, synthpop music.

2) ootz can also be used as a cheer. kinda used like the half ass cheer when your too lazy to say anything else, or when your enthusiasim is at null.
-Examples of using 'ootz'-

person1: hey did you hear that song by Dope Stars Inc?

person2: oh yea, isnt it called 10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasure?

Person1: yeah, the beat in the begining is like 'ootz,ootz,ootz,ootz', crazy stuff man.

Person2: awsomness...

--useing 'ootz' like a cheer---

Person1: yay, i got a chocolat bar!

Person2: ootz for you...
by Lucefel August 17, 2005
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