Pronounced in a similar way to whooshka - except the 'wh' is silent hence 'ooshka!'.

Has several uses:
1. Same use as whooshka!! - declaration of joy.
2. Declared when you see a hot chick - misuse of this on a non-hot chick is sin.
3. Randomly shout this at somebody when you're in a drunken state to give them a shock and shitstir
1. *find out that you have won the lottery* "Oooshka!!!"

2. *hot chick walks past* "ooshka!"
forbidden: *not so hot chick walks past* "ooshka!"
ooshka moderator: "no way man"

3. *random person walks past* "OOSHKA!!!"
stranger: "piss off"
by pcrust February 21, 2007
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A relationship that is strictly "friends with benefits".
Let's just be ooshkas, I'm really not that into you.
by 194309 February 25, 2009

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