What there are too many of: babies that were born to a couple that didn't intend for a baby.

The result of unprotected sexual encounters. Many men are suddenly out of the picture when one of these comes along.
A man (in disgusting cowardice) just goes on his way, leaving the woman to raise their oops baby on her own. If you're not ready for the responsibility of parenthood, then you shouldn't be having sex.

Contraceptives and abortion are two of the few ways to avoid oops babies.
by Lorelili January 27, 2006
Top Definition
A baby that was created by accident, a mistake, a regret the parents always have. Usually caused by the condom breaking and/or large amounts of alcohol and/or drugs.
Bman you're a god damn oops baby, you're parents don't even love you.
by jenkem November 19, 2007
A baby created when a woman tells a man she is using birth control, but she is not.
He'll be paying child support forever -- she had an oops baby six months after the divorce.
by Insect God February 15, 2009
A child with a highly disfunctional upbringing that is often the cause of later social, emotional, and/or professional failures.
"Poor Logan couldn't help flipping out at that customers - he was an oopsbaby, and she reminded him of his awful, awful mother. "
by Al Littletomatoes March 04, 2010
A child born out of wedlock, often into poverty.
Danielle's family had no idea what they'd do when her oopsbaby came along; they were having trouble supporting themselves as it was.
by Al Littletomatoes March 04, 2010
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