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A scary thing that jumps out at you in a horror movie. This was a solecism apparently defined by John Garletts (1956-1992) about 1976.
The alien popping out of John Hurt's chest in "Alien" is one example of an oogly boogly.
by sabinelr August 28, 2008
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A common phrase used by memers, to interrupt other memers that aren't dank enough
Paul- " I am going to 420Blaze~"
Frank- "Oogly Boogly"
Paul- "I SAID I WAS GOING TO 420~"
Frank- "Oogly Boogly"
Paul- "You sir aren't dank eno~"
Frank- "Oogly Boogly"
Paul- (Leaves Room)
by MittensMemer May 21, 2015
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1. adj. Ugly enough to be scary.
2. n. Someone or something so ugly that the unexpected sight of he/she/it causes brief fright.
She's so oogly boogly she tapped me on the shoulder and I almost shit my pants when I turned around.

Cancel your blind date. I saw her at the bar last night and she's one hell of an oogly boogly.
by Miryam Websta February 08, 2009
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What you say when you heard the word "ghost" or you see someone counting down from 3.
Girl 1: was that a ghost?
Girl 2: *insert spooky Jack Gilinsky picture* Oogly Boogly!
by ballergilinsky February 10, 2017
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While having sex with a girl in the doggy style position in a dark room at night and preferably on the ground lvl of your home, you position her so she is staring outside a window. Mid pumping you quickly let your friend, who was hiding in a closet, take over. You then proceede to run outside and using a flashlight you illuminate your face from underneath while making your ooglyboogly face.
He swapped with his friend and pulled an ooglyboogly.
by M Mooch December 12, 2009
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Something said by a creature or person trying (but usually failing) to be scary. Often in cartoons. Equivalent to Ooga Booga.
I jumped out at them from behind a tree but all I said was "Oogly boogly", at which they fell about laughing.
by TotallyNotmyrealname May 22, 2013
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Dumb as a f**king rock, with no compassion.
That oogly boogly pizza dude delivered some bad pizza that gave me the squirts.
by DickJonez January 27, 2011
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