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If "ugly" is defined as "being hit with an ugly stick", oogly is "being beaten with an ugly log."
Damn! Yo girl's oogly!
by KonMan April 07, 2004
a person so ugly that the word ugly cannot complety compact a person's ugliness
that girl so ugly she aint even ugly she oogly
#fugly #ugly #disgusting #gross #ogly
by Orta March 19, 2006
being beyond the word ugly
You're so damn ugly the have to change the spelling of the word to describe you.
by cutechristy May 29, 2005
When a person is so ugly, that their ugliness frightens people.
"That last girl you dated, was ugg lly"! "She wans't that bad, and she had a good personality" "You trippin, that girl was so ugly, that she was oogly!!"
#ugly #ugly stick #butter face #ugmuffin #ugly ugly #scared
by BMoney August 17, 2006
1. Your not ugly
2.Your way worse Then ugly.
3.Your so ugly that they had to change that one "u" into 2 o's
damn girl you oogly!
#fucked #mess #gross #eww #nasty #dayyyum
by trina_bay August 05, 2008
A word to describe someone who is often stared at because they are attractive.

This word comes from Oogling, which is staring at someone for a period of time because you have a crush on them, or they are attractive.
"You are quite oogly. I always see girls staring at you in class."
#attractive #ugly #oogling #pretty #oogle
by TimGrim October 21, 2009
A game played with two people using their hands.
It's a game of endurance, where both person creates a sweeping motion on the other persons hand, while calling out oooooooooooogly, after of which the game changes, with both players flailing their fingers into each others.

There is a variation of the game, where finger nails, or "claws" (where the name comes from) are used to dig into each others fingers. This is called Clawgly, and is frowned apon in the Oogly community.
"Wanna game of oogly?"
"Sure thing!"
"HEY!, No clawgly!"
#oogly #clawgly #game #ooooooooooooooooooogly #trend
by Ryan D-C December 28, 2007
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