whene foreign tribal chiefs rape you and force you to shove pineapples up your rectum.
Awwww he choose death..........but first oogabooga!!!!!!

Be careful he might oogabooga you.
by PYRO (a.k.a. Ben) April 08, 2004
its how you send a nigger back to Africa
Im going to ooga booga you back to africa
by Niggerkiller12 January 22, 2016
To Ooh-Ga-Boo-Ga is to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.
He lives a life of Ooh-Ga-Boo-Ga. Oogabooga is a common mis-spelling.
by Mark McVey April 10, 2008
The mating call performed by the female when doing the schabooboo. Starts out quiet then gets louder, and louder till the male can not stand it. It puts the mail in a trance, so the female can perform bondage on him.
Michele yelled oogabooga and performed bondage on Matt....
by Mr. Credo February 11, 2004
nonsense term used to run a BS line back at someone who is trying to run one at you.
Oogabooga dude, buy yourself a beer.
by john flinn November 22, 2003
The first word that comes to Kyja's mind
I have a shitload of oogabooga steel
by Terro September 24, 2003
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