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It is the online Multiple Personality Disorder- People on the internet forums having not one or two, but multiple anonymous user IDs, where each ID expresses different views and opinions from the other ID's, while discussing the same topic or subject, as if creating an illusion of numerous people logged in and giving variant views, but all the ID's generally trying to manipulate the views so as to support the "east", except for one ID supporting the "west", obviously role playing somebody else, who he actually is not.
Rarely,teenagers may do it for fun and it is not a disorder.
1)The online MPD hype seems to be cool fun ,except for the confusion it causes and is a waste of time.

2)why do you need so many anonymous IDs on the same forum or webite? Now dont act like an online MPD!

3) Have to snap out of the online MPD fun, its sure gets addictive day by day.
by Petersonn December 09, 2005
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