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The greatest fucking martial arts movie of all time.
You remember the scene in Ong bak when the dude did a cartwheel kick when his legs were on fire? That was some TIGHT shit!
by KRHimself March 07, 2006
A word used by the Royal Court of Random to describe the act of being served. Also used to define a any move that Ting, the main character in the movie Ong Bak, uses to defeat his enemies.
As a serve: "You got Ong Bakked!!! Biatcchhh!!!!"

At Random: "Ong Bak!!!"
by Nappy, Cain, BJ February 02, 2005
verb; to fly at onther with ones knee extended, with intet to hit and injure using said knee
Master: I'm gonna ong bak you bitch!
*Bitch gets knee in the face*
Bitch: Ow!
Master: BITCH!
by me March 15, 2005
To utterly defeat or humiliate.
"He was all-in on his flush, but Logan Ong-Baked him with a full house."
by PersonGuy March 31, 2005
Often known as the phrase to describe anything truly kick-ass. The sanctity of this word is rarely abused. It is saved for the moments that truly consist of complete ownage.
Did you see him jump across to the boat? That was so Ong Bak!
by Sexypimp69 February 14, 2005
To describe anything that is perfect; wich must have tonya ja in it. To kick someones ass with a flawless victory.
stfu before i get ong-bak on you
by Jared Carpenter February 19, 2005
The best thing ever made. It can not get any better than how it is.
That girl is Ong-Bak
by Jared Carpenter February 19, 2005
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