sexyyy !
sexiest garment on earth ;)
ninette: yo bry, r u going to the pajama party ?
bry: yea im wearing my onesies
ninnete: sexayyy ! ;)
by cytb March 26, 2011
Top Definition
Colloquial description of a one piece leather suite used for motorcycle riding. Term originally coined by highly esteemed female Australian bike rider of Melbourne location many many years ago. Since purchasing her own "onesies" it has been decreeded under Melbourne Bike Rider assesment to be the hottest arse in a set of onesies evvaaaaaaaaaaar !!!
she " Dude onesies for the track today ?"

dude "hell yeah help me pull 'em on"

she " meh, your arse aint never gunna look as good as mine does in onesies"
by sharkuss February 01, 2010
One piece long underwear, generally worn by infants and toddlers. Plural of onesie.
I have a drawer full of onesies from when I was five years old.
by phreek123 October 19, 2008
A one piece snow suit. Worn back in the day when skiing was young. Now commonly worn by thy Gaper. Comes in Solid or Multiple bright colors. Do NOT wear in Colorado or you shall get mugged.
For Gaper day, I decided to wear a Onesy.
by A Local Coloradian May 02, 2009
N. urination. Derived from the term number one. Originally used in the sitcom show Scrubs.
"Sorry, gotta go make onesies."
by Scrubby May 06, 2008
a one hitter; a pipe used for smoking marijuana
Did you bring onesy? Make sure onesy is packed full of funsy.
by Dirk420 September 07, 2006
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