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To get knocked out by one punch; to be champed
The fighter got one-timed and the fight was over"
by jjthekid March 06, 2008
A phrase used to describe the act of being or getting "fucked up". It is a versatile term that can be shouted out loud to show enthusiasm towards getting "messed up" on whatever you prefer.

1. Ya buddy lets get One Timed!
2. Those keg stands really got me One Timed!
3. Grab the Grav, I wanna get One Timed!
by FeedUsMcFetus August 28, 2010 get your ass rolled very quickly, usually in one punch.

2. jumping someone never to be seeing them again.
guy 1: Remember that time that Thomas one-timed his older broter.
guy 2: yeah after he dropped the x-box controller and then got mad at Thomas.
guy 1: yeah, Thomas totally one-timed his ass again.
by JOHN THOMAS CHRIS GRAHM. January 25, 2009
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