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Slang for your cock. inspired by the Greek legend of Cyclops. a huge and powerful barbarian with one eye.
Becauae Tall Tommy, when you get big and hard and he stands up tall and proud, shares one obvious trait with his fellow barbarian - his enormously gigantic size - it's pretty obvious why he's called a giant. The reason for the other part of his nickmane requires some imagination: when he's big, the place in his head where your love juice shoots out when you come looks kind of like an eye.
If that takes some imagination, it's a lot more obvious why your big hard cock, when he stands up tall and proud and ready for action when you have a hard-on, double his size of only six or so inches when he hangs down between your legs before he's aroused, looks like a giant.
She moaned as I thrust my big one-eyed giant inside her.
"OHHHH!!!!!!" she said. "That feels so good, I can hardly stand it! He's so HUGE, I can't help screaming, he makes me feel so good!"
I would have replied, ensuring her that I enjoyed the sounds of her screams, but as it happened, at that very moment, I ejaculated, and as I came, it wasn't words that came out of my mouth, but a gigantic roar, like the roar of a lion, the vocal equivalent of the gigantic explosion that was shooting out of my cock at the same time. I drove my cock all the way inside her, as deep as he would go, and she screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Oh YEAH!" I shouted. "I FUCKED you!"
"I'll say," she said. "How many times is that you've fucked me now this afternoon - it doesn't seem possible, but is that SIX?"
"Seven, actually," I replied, sounding as nonchalant as I could, "but who's counting?" I added, "This wiill be eight," and matched my actions to my words. I was still hard as steel, and horny as a sailor, and so, having paused only half a minute or so after coming, I began to thrust my cock into her once more, gently this time, but steadily. She began to sigh, once more, softly at first, then louder, as I thrust more deeply and more forcefully inside her. As I drove my cock deeper and more rapidly into her, the sighs deepened into moans, the moans intensified into screams, and soon, at the very top of her lungs, she was shouting, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, that feels SO good! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! ]FUCK] ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Again, I tried to be nonchalant as I came. Though there was no real doubt as to what her answer would be, I couldn't resists asking her, "Did you come?"
"Boy, did I ever!!" she responded.
I was finally beginning to feel laid-back and satisfied, but I couldn't resist giving her one more fuck as an encore. It took me a long time to reach climax this time, which meant that she was able to have several orgasms before I came. When I ejaculated, once more, I couldn't help shouting at the top of my lungs. "WOW!! That was a GREAT fuck!" I said, and rolled over, allowing my cock, finally, to slip out of her, and enjoy a well-deserved rest, this time allowing her to take the initiative, as she slid her lips over my cock. I grew hard again, and I placed my hands behind her head, looking into her eyes, as she sucked my dick. When I came, gasping with the intense delight I felt, I drew my hands tightly behind the back of her head, and sighed. This time, I allowed my cock to slide out of her mouth, and this time, I relaxed, and paused several minutes, before sliding my hard cock into her pussy again, and beginning to fuck her, once more.
by Charles LeChauve January 06, 2007
The penis; usually a very large one.
Daphne fainted when she saw my one-eyed giant.
by Miguel Sanchez July 01, 2003
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