The start of every stupid story someone tells you.
"This one time...I...went...and climbed a tree"
by Rob April 18, 2005
In jail, when the policeman walks around the pod checking in every cell, inmates yell "one time" to alert the other inmates that the police are doing their rounds. This allows people smoking, drinking, etc. to put away their contrabad before the man arrives.
'ONETIIIME' shouted the inmate to his brothes smoking squares in his cell.
by John Clausen June 20, 2005
When you want to get on a fine hunny but you definitely won't want it when you're sober
"So I saw that girl at a party, woke up the next morning said 'ONE TIME' and bounced."
by Stan Podalak September 22, 2008
In los angeles, aprox. around the 1980's gangs used the expression to identify a police car with only "one" officer.
"One time, holmes" ahh dont trip dawg he aint gonna get out the car he's by himself.
by Slingin Ink Tattoos September 20, 2005
South African slang term. An exclamation expressing approval
"Let's hit the beach"
"One time!"
by Ash July 22, 2004
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