A band or singer that everyone forgets about after their hit song runs its natural course into obscurity, because they can never get back onto the charts again. Most one-hit-wonders are that way because either they can't write their own songs, or their own songs are crap.

Crossover songs and artists are sometimes mistaken for One-Hit-Wonders, because listeners outside their genre don't know who they are. Anyone unfortunate enough to make this mistake is likely to be taken to task by numerous members of the artist's following, because it takes quite a good artist to pull off a crossover hit.
Your own songs just aren't going to cut it. Go find a hit song that no one else has covered in at least 20 years, so the teen audience will think it's new, and maybe you can be a One-hit-wonder.

Some One-Hit-Wonders:

Dean Friedman
Right Said Fred
Gary Numan
Soft Cell
Sammy Johns
The Reflections
The Electric Prunes
The Elegants
Bobby Dray
by Downstrike October 29, 2005
One good song that propels them to stardom and then they SUCK. But the one song was pretty good.
Still better than no-hit wonders
The wonders for 'that thing you do'. See the goddamn movie
by QTCV September 28, 2003
One who, when smoking out with friends is usually the first to get high, usually off of his or her very first hit off of the bong, pipe, joint, etc.
That Johny's always the first of us to get blown and act all stupid. He's a one-hit-wonder.
by nicky v. June 26, 2006
Greece's Euro 2004 success
Greece fluke 2004 +
Greece puke in 2008 +

one hit wonders

by GetJiggyWithTheWiggy June 15, 2008
a smash hit song, when that was the only song the artist
that one-hit wonder rocked, he should write other songs
by Riot September 28, 2003
A fighter who never gets too fight, who always takes out his opponent with one hit.
Man, when he fights, he's a one hit Wonder.

Nick is known as the one hit wonder around here.
by juju1979 August 11, 2008
New defintion; An urbandictionary user who has contributed only one defintion.
Sometimnes, a one hit wonder's definition is just something that flatters thier boyfriend or girlfriend.
by Light Joker August 15, 2004

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